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Urban Outfitters’ Terrain at Del Val to Open this Summer. Here’s the latest.

By Lexan Coleman, Li Williams, Logan Boushell and Goddy Marc/ Full360 Digital Producers It’s coming soon. Terrain at DelVal will open summer of 2023, according to a Delaware Valley University announcement released Jan. 30. Terrain, with its new sprawling retail and event center, will operate on the outskirts of the DelVal’s campus, bringing new job opportunities to students through the award winning E360 program. It … Continue reading Urban Outfitters’ Terrain at Del Val to Open this Summer. Here’s the latest.

Making the Most of Your E360 Experience

Written by: Keyan Gregoire-James What is E360?One of the many things that Delaware Valley University is known for is its Experience360 experiential learning program, also known as E360. This program gives students the opportunity to gain real life experience in the field that they are interested in. My experience with E360  I decided to do my E360 experience with DelVal’s English department and I worked … Continue reading Making the Most of Your E360 Experience

Your Guide to the E360 Activity Application

For many students at Delaware Valley University, the Experience 360 program (also known as “E360”) is a big reason why they applied to the college. The E360 program allows students to get hands-on experience in their field outside of the classroom. Fulfilling an E360 activity also allows students to receive credits for the number of hours they put in. E360 activities are also a requirement … Continue reading Your Guide to the E360 Activity Application

Leaving an E360 Legacy

If you’ve ever walked into the Center for Student Professional Development office (CSPD) or had any questions about the E360 experiential learning program, chances are you met Darrah Mugrauer. Darrah served as the director of the E360 program for Delaware Valley University for three years and is leaving a legacy here at DelVal as she moves on to a new opportunity. Darrah started working with … Continue reading Leaving an E360 Legacy

Blogging advice from “The Breakfast Club”

On Thursday, December 2, the Elements of Blogging I and II classes had their last full staff meeting of the year. This was a bittersweet time for all of the members because we knew it would be our last time in an official blogging class. Each student in the Elements of Blogging class II was an original founder and editor of the Full360 blog and … Continue reading Blogging advice from “The Breakfast Club”

Student Spotlight: Natalie Ratzke

Here at Delaware Valley University, there are plenty of connections and resources available for students to utilize in order to find an internship. The Experience360 program requires all students to have some kind of hands-on experience that relates to their major and the career they want to pursue. I recently spoke to DelVal senior Natalie Ratzke about her experience as an intern at the local … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Natalie Ratzke

It’s All in a Season

Gaining real-world experience is a concept that Delaware Valley University prides itself on. As an undergraduate student, you have some choices for how you want to complete the Experience 360 Program requirements depending on your major. For this post, the credit-bearing opportunities of internships and academic career exploration experience activities will be discussed. According to E360 Advisor Emmaline Armstrong, there are “10 terms a year” … Continue reading It’s All in a Season

Beginning Your Career with an Experience

What is CEE? As most students at Delaware Valley University know, the Experience 360 Program is a highlight of your college experience. The E360 program was created as a way for students to get hands on, real life experience in their field of work. There are multiple different activities that students can choose to complete their required credits. One of the most popular choices is … Continue reading Beginning Your Career with an Experience

Traveling Your Way to a Degree

Did you know that Delaware Valley University offers an extensive study abroad program as part of Experience 360 Program? While the program isn’t available to students right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, administrators are hoping to have it back up and running by the 2021-2022 school year. Here at DelVal, we put a ton of emphasis on getting genuine hands-on experience – whether that … Continue reading Traveling Your Way to a Degree