Despite Their Differences: Internships vs. Academic Career Explorations

All undergraduate students who attend Delaware Valley University are required to take Experience360 Program credits. The number of credits that students have to earn for E360 depends on their major as programs differ. However, in a majority of the undergraduate majors, students need to complete either an internship or academic career exploration activity (student researchContinue reading “Despite Their Differences: Internships vs. Academic Career Explorations”

Studying at Delaware Valley University: Winter Edition!

As our semester ends and the temperatures outside continue to drop, it is essential to find a cozy and consistent place to study on campus! If you’re struggling to find a spot that’s just right for you, here’s a quick guide to the best spots with pros and cons all listed out! As finals seasonContinue reading “Studying at Delaware Valley University: Winter Edition!”

Letter from the Editor

Hello! My name is Miller Huertgen and I am currently a junior at Delaware Valley University. This year, my goal was to find an internship that involved a lot of writing in the media. This is because my hope for after graduation is to write for television or to go into publishing and editing. IContinue reading “Letter from the Editor”