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Navigating Finals with Mental Health in Mind at Delaware Valley University

Andrew Snowden / Full360 Reporter

The steady ticking of the clock on the pale walls filled the air as the sun’s rays filtered through the gaps in the blinds. The faint scent of coffee wafted through the room. In Delaware Valley University’s library, students hunched over their laptops, their fingers tapping away. Finals season was upon them, and the weight of their collective stress seemed to fill every corner of the study space.

A young woman, her eyes red from sleepless nights, typed furiously, her mind a whirlwind of deadlines, expectations, and the unyielding pressure to succeed. To her left, a student cradled his head in his hands, exhaustion etched on his face as he attempted to absorb every last fact from his thick textbook.

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The room, once a sanctuary for knowledge, had transformed into a battleground where sleep, socializing, and self-care fell to the side, casualties to the all-consuming force of finals.

The end of the semester is a critical time, not only for academic success but also for mental health. As students’ stress levels soar, the importance of maintaining a healthy mindset and practicing effective coping strategies becomes paramount. To ignore the mental strain of this period is to risk the well-being of an entire generation of young minds.

Peter Brantner, a freshman, weighed in on how finals were going: “I feel like I’m drowning, I know I need to study, but I can’t focus, and the anxiety just keeps building.”

Brantner’s experience is not uncommon during finals season. However, there are ways to help alleviate the pressure and foster a healthier mental state. One of the most effective strategies is to engage in self-care activities that can help reduce stress and increase focus. Simple acts like taking short breaks, practicing deep-breathing exercises, or even engaging in brief bouts of physical activity can work wonders in calming the mind and reenergizing the body.

Dan Crow, a senior criminal justice major at Delaware Valley University, shared his secret to success. “I learned the hard way that I couldn’t sustain the fast pace I set for myself during my first couple years of college. Now, I make sure to schedule time for relaxation and hobbies during finals. It helps me stay focused when I’m studying and prevents me from burning out.”

As the end of the semester draws near, and the library fills with the buzz of frantic typing and the rustling of textbook pages, it’s essential to remember the importance of mental health. By practicing self-care and finding ways to cope with stress, students can navigate the treacherous waters of finals season while maintaining their well-being.

And so, as the clock continues its steady march, ticking away the seconds until the final exams, it’s time for students to take a deep breath, pause, and remember that their mental health is just as crucial as their academic success. For in the halls of Delaware Valley University, there is more at stake than grades alone; the future of a generation depends on it.

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