Finals got your stressed? You’re not alone. Here’s where you can go at DelVal.

By Zaida Martin / Full360 Reporter

The 2022-2023 school year comes to a close in just a week, and tension is high. Papers, projects, and finals are at the forefront of every student’s mind – summer can’t come soon enough! It is in times like these when stress runs rampant, and it is important to find resources to help.

Delaware Valley University and its students are no different when it comes to dealing with the transition of an ending school year. Jackie Derricks, a Psychology major from the class of 2025, sat down to discuss what it looks like to be a student dealing with these challenges.

When asked about tips and tricks for getting by, Jackie had very sound advice based on personal experience.

“I’m gonna say what not to do…ignore it. Don’t do that, it doesn’t work.”

Jackie Derricks, A Psychology major

She recommended three key ideas for students. Not ignoring the workload, planning ahead, and asking for help. Sitting down and communicating with professors can be the most helpful way to understand assignments, or even ask for an extension.

Along with these tips, Jackie recommends self-care as well.

“Take time to decompress. I often feel like I have to do everything at that moment, and I don’t take time to just be.”

Joshua Clifford, one of DelVal’s school counselors, also sat down to offer some helpful advice to students. He defines stress as “When whatever demands you have in life are higher than your resources you have to deal with it.”

The end of a school year brings tests and projects, but also a stressful transition period for many. Students look for internships, go home, or prepare to graduate along with their workload. It is a lot to handle for anyone.

In order to overcome and work with these challenges, Clifford had a few tips. He first recommends social support from friends and family, as humans are very social creatures and long for connectivity.

He also mentioned considering reframing the workload in front of an individual. “Focus on the next thing, not the next twenty things,” said Clifford.

Stress is a natural part of life, and vital to our existence. A healthy amount of stress allows us to leave the bed in the morning and thrive.

“The way people think about events triggers the stress response. Is it neutral, is it a challenge, or is it a threat? This final, is it a threat to my existence? Probably not.”

Clifford also talked about the support offered by the school and recommends looking first at the resources included in tuition.

There are many on-campus areas to seek help outside of the classroom, including;

  • The Writing Center – Miller Hall
  • The Learning Center/Peer Tutoring – Segal Hall
  • The Counseling Center – Health Center/Elson Hall

All of these resources and more can be found on the school’s website ( ) and SharePoint page ([MZ1] )

Seek help from those around you, take one step at a time, and take a deep breath. The school year is almost over!

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