DelVal brings in the Joy of Fall with its annual Harvest Festival

By Julian White and Taji Hubbard / Full 360 Reporters

On a warm, Fall afternoon, hundreds of students and faculty spread out across the quad at Delaware Valley University celebrating the harvest of the season.  

Feasting on a buffet of fall favorites, those attending celebrated Delaware Valley University’s Harvest Festival mingled and took part in an array of activities such as farm tours, hayrides, and farmers’ markets showcasing fresh produce, crafts, and local delicacies.

“An event like this is the result of our community coming together to do what we do best and that is to have an event which involves experiential learning,” said  Dr. Benjamin Rusiloski, President of Delaware Valley University.

Students showed out during the festival and displaying their plants, products and more. The Cannabis Club showed off some of their THC products and explained to the benefits of them to students. The Floral Club brought showcased their finest bouquets, selling them for $5. Some sororities and fraternities on campus even sold the right for students to pie them. And for a small fee, candied apples were offered.

Assistant Dean of Students Andrew Moyer had a big hand in the development and foundation of the harvest festival this year. When asked about the importance this event had for Del Val he said, ” the harvest festival presents an excellent opportunity for student to showcase their agricultural programs, research initiatives, and community engagement efforts. Students, faculty, and staff can actively participate, sharing their knowledge and passion for agriculture with the broader community.”

“There’s a lot of different products that you can buy and look at and get invested in different clubs” 

The biggest draw of the entire festival by far was the hayride over to the pumpkin patch. Students were offered a ride in groups from the quad to the pumpkin patch on campus so they could pick their favorite pumpkin to do with it what they wish. Students walked to and from the ride for the majority of the event as it was the most exciting part.

Junior Reagan Braund was a participant of the hayride and was asked for her experience following her ride to the pumpkin patch.

“I really love this time of year. A lot of students here look forward the fall and love the aesthetic of it,” Braund said.

“I think DelVal did a good job of capturing the fall spirit and the hayride helped a ton”, said Reagan as she joyfully walked back through the quad with her pumpkin in hand.

For those of us who participate to walk away with a knowledge of who our students are, the things that are important with them and to also walk away with a great sense of community which is very prevalent today”

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