Emma Monismith Shares Passion for Photography & Some of her Best Work

One of my favorite parts about sports photography is getting to capture moments for athletes. It is really special to be able to take pictures of the big moments that happen on the field and to know that the athletes will have these pictures to look back on for the rest of their lives. I love getting feedback from the athletes and knowing that they are enjoying the work that I am doing. One of my other favorite parts is how fast-paced it is. There is truly never a boring moment because of how fast the games move and how many opportunities there are to take photos. It is really a job that keeps me engaged all of the time. I’ve been able to learn so much from learning camera settings to learning the rules of sports I had never watched before.  

I was able to photograph the entire MAC Freedom Softball Championship (Arcadia pic is from this), which was really fun and special to capture. It was so cool getting to follow the teams throughout the entire tournament and then capture the moment when the team took home the championship. I have also been able to photograph all of the playoff football games we have hosted at home. Those are always super special to capture just because the atmosphere of the game is completely different. 

This photo is one of my favorites because I tried a different angle to get a photo of the pitcher. I love that you can see the ball being released, and you can see the batter in the photo as well. This is also one of my favorite photos because it captures my sister playing the sport she loves, and it was really special getting to photograph her last season playing softball.

This photo is one of my favorites just because there is so much to the picture. You can see the player receiving the ball, since she is the main focus, but there is also a lot going on around her that makes the photo even more interesting.

This photo is one of my favorites because it captures the pure joy that comes from the athletes when they are playing. Like I said before, capturing athlete’s big moments is one of my favorite parts of the job. I just ended up having the camera out at the right time and ended up capturing a home-run celebration. It’s such a fun image and is easily one of my favorites.  

This photo is one of my favorites just because it captured a moment that we don’t necessarily always see on the field. The fact that their helmets also have the word family on them just makes the image even more special.  


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