Black Student Union at DelVal gathers for a BBQ social

By Joshua Pierre / Full360 Reporter

Fire up the grill! 

September 16th was a night to remember as BSU (Black Student Union) kicked off their first event of the semester with a barbecue. This took place behind the south hall near the Regional Rail Septa Line. President and Vice President of BSU Jordan Gombs and Deshawn Jackson emphasized the welcoming nature of the event.

When asked what people should know about BSU, Gombs said, “Something that people should know about BSU is that we include everyone; we welcome any and everyone to just have somewhere on campus to have fun and make new friends.”

Jackson had a similar response: “BSU is a club where you can openly express yourself and be comfortable around your peers; we meet every Tuesday and Thursday in the multicultural lounge where we hold mental health days and spend time talking about culture while attending a Predominately white institution.”  

Members of BSU along with some attendees talked about their favorite things about BSU. Sophomore Football player Janiel Taveras said, “My favorite thing about BSU is being able to chill with everyone and have healthy conversations about what is going on in the world.”

During this event there was a wide range of music being played, especially in the Hispanic department. Caris is a DelVal Sophomore and embraces her Hispanic Heritage.

“My favorite thing about BSU is the fact that we are a community, and you get to see a lot of people who have the same personalities, and it’s fun to be around people who share similar personality traits,” Caris said.

BSU’s first event was a success, and the students are looking forward to more exciting events the club offers in the future. 

Those wanting to participate follow the BSU instagram page @dvu.bsu.

Meetings are Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 in multicultural lounge on the first floor of the student center.

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