One Health Seminar Series kicks off at DelVal: Join an event tonight with “One Health Communication: Crises in Literacies”

By Emma Menzel / DelVal One Health Reporter

Last week, the One Health Seminar Series at DelVal kicked off with its first keynote speaker, Dr. Carl Heeder from Mountaire Poultry, who discussed what it means to be One Health certified in the poultry industry.

His 30 years of experience in the industry gave students and faculty useful insight about the humane and efficient care of domesticated animals.

Dr. Benjamin Rusiloski, president of Delaware Valley University, explained in a video interview that “the focus of One Health at DelVal is the intersection of animal health, plant health, human health, the environment, and how policy—the work of all of us—brings those different pieces together to support the community.”

One Health is a global trans-disciplinary approach to understanding the world around us by linking together three main focuses: people and society, plants and animals, and the environment. Approaching problems with the One Health triad in mind allows for more thoughtful understanding of the world around us, as those three components are always attached to one another.

The One Health Seminar Series at DelVal explores the relationship between the triad and allows students to gain real-world understanding about issues within and beyond their industry. Students of any and all majors offered at DelVal are encouraged to attend and learn what it means to be One Health conscious.

All students can benefit from learning how to approach their individual fields of study and interest through this global mindset. Personally, it has aided in my understanding of how the work I do spans beyond the environment and how to tailor my studies to include all aspects of One Health.

The next seminar, entitled “One Health Communication: Crises in Literacies” will be held on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023 at 6 p.m. via Zoom. This webinar is particularly special as it is led by Delaware Valley University’s very own Dr. Jess McCall and Dr. Brian Lutz. The seminar series is completely free to attend but for any webinars, be sure to register ahead of time to secure your spot.

Learning from industry professionals is incredibly beneficial to understanding what life looks like after college and how an open mind can change the way problems are addressed. The One Health Seminar Series provides a space where we as students have the chance to learn and experience what life might look like after graduation.

For more on One Health events and activities, head to the website.

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