What`s New in Delval Equine ?

By Dakota Bodkin / Full 360 Social Media Manager

Meet Delval`s Unicorns

Meet Alibi: Alibi is an 18-year-old Welsh Pony Mare. She has been leased to Delval`s program from Stephanie Baraberra, (Assistant Professor). She arrived on August 28, 2023.

Meet Nalle: Nalle is a 22y/o Roan Hanoverian Mare. She is leased to Delval`s program from Julie Chang. She arrived August 28, 2023. She is currently on trial.

Meet Hugo: Hugo is an 8-year-old Grey Thoroughbred Gelding. He is leased from Sharlet Shilman and he arrived at Delval on July 31, 2023.

Meet Robert: Robert is a 15y/o Bay Warmblood Gelding. He was leased from Andrew Philbrick and he arrived at Delval on August 9, 2023.

We have several new faces in on trial at the Equestrian Center to join our school horse herd this fall. The trial period is so important because it gives the faculty and staff an opportunity to evaluate the horses, but it also gives the horses some time to evaluate us! The DelVal Equine facilities are very busy places and our Equestrian Center horses are ridden by different people at different times of day throughout the week; it’s just too much for some horses. The trial period gives them the chance to settle in and decide if they want to stay or not. It’s very important to the department faculty that our school horses love their jobs.

–          Dr. Cory Kieschnick, Chair of Equine Science and Management, Director of Equestrian Sports

The students and faculty are enjoying getting to know our new herd. We love seeing new horses join our equine family here at Delval.

Meet Samson: Samson is an 8-year-old Bay Thoroughbred Gelding. He is leased from Sophia Frisbie. Samson arrived at Delval on August 14, 2023.

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