Clubs, clubs, and more clubs! The Fall 2023 C&O Expo

By Zaida Martin / Full 360 Editor

To kick off the Fall semester, students gathered along Alumni Lane from 5-7pm for the coveted C&O Expo!

DelVal mascot Ceaser the Ram

The Club and Organization Exposition is a beginning-of-the-semester tradition here at DelVal. All clubs and student-led groups gather to show classmates and friends what their club has to offer.

“I think the C&O Expo is a really cool experience just for people to find something they might be interested in on Campus,” said Tristen Clews, Secretary for the American Association of Zoo Keepers.

Artisans Guild (Front) Apiary Society (Back)

Walking down Alumni Lane from the Levin Dining Hall to A Lot, students could look left and right at tables and tables of after-class activities. From sororities and frats like DEBs and PEK, to the Psychology Club and Gaming Society – there are plenty of ways to get involved.

“It’s a good networking opportunity,” explained Ethan Everett, current President of PEK. “People like us, we like to do fun things on campus through either philanthropy or entertainment”

Ducks Unlimited

From agriculture to art to Greek life, DelVal has plenty to offer for those looking to try new things or further their passions. Emma Smith, President of the DelVal Literature Society said, “We really want to encourage and foster a love of reading  on campus.” The cultivation of hobbies alongside relationships and experiences outside of the classroom can be vital to the college experience.

Horticulture Society

All clubs will be on display again at the beginning of the Spring 2024 semester.

To connect and view all clubs, students can go on Aggies Connect and find the community for them!

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