Delaware Valley University’s Apiary Society is abuzz with activity this Fall

By Emma Gargiulo / Campus Correspondent

Interested in learning more about bees?

DelVal’s Apiary Society is a student-run club that does all things bees.

From assisting with the maintenance of our on-campus Apiary, to processing honey and beeswax into sellable products, they encompass all parts of apiculture.

On most days, you can find club members at the apiary. Throughout the year, they sell their honey, soaps, chap sticks, and more at the University’s Harvest Fest, Homecoming, and A-Day. The Apiary Society sells their honey at every A-Day, and often has guests seeking out the Apiary Society table specifically.

Atop the hill on Farm View RD, the Apiary sits just past E Lot and holds approximately 25 hives, most of which are painted in DelVal green and gold.

The Apiary Society has a long history on campus, dating back to 1968. The Apiary Society advisor, Dr. Vincent Aloyo, is a master beekeeper. He runs the campus apiary and teaches an apiculture class every spring.

Honeybees will fly up to a mile away from the hive for food, so you are likely to see them on campus. I recommend stopping by the new Optimism Garden behind the Greenhouse to see the bees foraging.

Here are some fun “bee” facts:

  • Fun Bee Fact: Most of the bees in a honeybee colony are female. It is the female honeybees exclusively that do the work in the hive. In fact, the male bees, called drones, make up such little
  • In fact, the male bees, called drones, make up such little of the colony and do so little for it that they are kicked out of the hive when winter comes.
  • So, if you see a bee on a flower outside, it’s a lady.

Check out @dvuapiarysocitey on Instagram for more bee facts and club happenings.

Those interested in joining Apiary Society can meet with members at 6 p.m. on Mondays, either in Mandell 110 or down at the apiary. You can also email club secretary Emma Gargiulo at for more information on becoming part of the club.

Emma Gargiulo is a contributing writer to DelVal’s Full360 Student Media. If you have a story or photos that reflect a club, activity or event on campus, please sent it to

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