A Little Get Away – Not far from DelVal

By Lexan Coleman/Digital Media Producer

If you are looking to get away, explore nature, but don’t want to travel too far from Delaware Valley University’s campus, here are some scenic and peaceful options.

Goat Hill

Goat Hill overlook is a beautiful hiking spot located in Lambertville NJ just off George Washington Rd.

It is a 1.1-mile-long trail, but it can be shorter or longer depending on the different paths you can take that.

The trek will lead you to one of the two different overlook areas.

The most common area that people go to is the picnic area, which has park benches and multiple picnic tables. This area has a perfect view of the New Hope and Lambertville Windham, located on the Delaware river. The second spot is a bit smaller and is. typically, where high-schoolers go and spray paint the rocks as well as climb down them. The walk up to

Either place is a very nice shaded ‘s’ shaped loop that is on a gradual hill/incline. As soon as you reach.

At the top of the overlook, on a good day, you are met with the sun beaming down on you and gorgeous.

view of New Hope across the river.

This place is a perfect hiking spot for young college students with friends or even with a furry friend. It’s far enough away from Doylestown that you’re expanding your horizons, but close enough that you’re only a 25-minute drive away from the center of Doylestown.

After visiting Goat Hill Overlook, my favorite place to stop at on the way home is called Dilly’s at Centre Bridge in New Hope, PA. They have some of the best ice-cream and burgers all spring and summer long.

Lockatong High Falls

Another place in New Jersey that’s a good hiking place is Lockatong High Falls. This is a waterfall located. approximately 30 minutes away from Doylestown.

This hike is a 1.8-mile hike one way, and it leads to a massive waterfall that is swimmable during the summer when it’s hot enough. This hike is a little on the buggier side, so I strongly recommend bringing bug spray as well as wearing old sneakers or rain boots, as it gets very muddy when it rains. This hike is a very good and not well-known hiking spot, so there are. rarely other people on the trails at the same time. It’s the perfect spot for sunbathing on the rocks and also jumping off the waterfall into the deep water below.

Goat Hill Overlook is more of a basic hike that beginner people go on or people who don’t like walking as far. The trails are clear cut and there really isn’t any overgrowth onto them. The Lockatong high falls hike is a more challenging and foraging walk through the woods that isn’t just your normal walk through the park.

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