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DelVal’s Black Student Union to host Soul Food Saturday Fundraiser March 18

By Goddy Marc / Full360 Producer

Do you love to eat soul food and want donate to a good cause? 

The Black Student Union’s Saturday fundraiser is the place for you to be.

This Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in South Hall Phase 1 Kitchen, the Black Student Union will be selling plates of soul food. These $10 dollar plates will contain delicious homemade foods like baked mac and cheese, fried chicken, collard greens and a side. Organizers said the food will be cooked by the “caring and loving hands of family members of the BSU students.”

Free fried chicken image
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BSU President Dasean Jackson, who is also a member of the Del Vals football team, said he’s looking forward to “seeing the excitement on people’s faces, enjoying our food.” 

When asked what made him create this, idea Jackson responded, “With the cafe and pub closing at 8, students are still hungry. Some with no ride or any other options for food. We are trying to bring another food option for students while keeping it cheap.” 

“I feel like the fundraisers have been going way better than we expected….It helps us want to keep going with BSU,” said by BSU’s Vice President and Del Vals men’s basketball player, Jordan Gombs. “The students have been reacting really well, and we have gotten a lot of recommendations for future events that students would like for us to do.”

The event is expected to generate proceeds for the group to help support other campus activities. The BSU students hope to do even better now offering pre orders and deliveries on campus.

Delaware Valley’s Black Student Union has much more planned for the future to bring the Delaware Valley community together and grow the union, so stay tuned for more announcements.

The fundraiser is first come first serve, so make sure to be there on time. Pre-orders and deliveries can be made through instagram. DM by contacting @calfs.17 or @iam.jg23 

For more information on the fundraiser or the union you can find them on instagram @dvu.bsu or stop by the multicultural room for their weekly Monday and Thursday, 8:30 pm meetings. If you’re interested in joining, know that everyone is welcomed.

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