DelVal graduate offers a bargain bookstore experience

                                    By Stephanie Archeval / Full360 Reporter

There’s a hidden gem among us, a reader’s dream. It’s called Second Stories, and it’s operated by a DelVal graduate.

Paperbacks are around $4 and hardbacks are under $10 dollars. With every purchase, you get a free bookmark of your choice.

Located at 1013 W County Line Road, Second Stories is a used bookstore where you can donate your books to give them another home for someone to enjoy.

The owner Michelle Caimi graduated from Delaware Valley University with a major in business and a master’s from Drexel University in Library Science. One of the things that inspired her to open the bookstore was when she was laid off and took a part-time job in a library. She came across free boxes of books on Facebook.

“It kind of fell into my lap” Caimi said about taking the books and opening the store.

Initially, she began in a smaller place with her shop but then outgrew it and moved to where she is currently located. She fell in love with reading when she was 8 years old through her favorite genre, urban fantasy, “which she said is kind of specific.” Urban fantasy is where the fantastical characters and themes take place in the real world and in contemporary times.

Her favorite Victorian author is Charles Dickens and she has a collection of 1800s Shakespeare books. A day in her life would be getting in an hour before the store opens to do a cleanup. She usually tries to make it to yoga class a few times a week. She has a part-time job in the library and tries to hang out with her kids as much as she can since one of her kids is planning on going to the military service.

Her stores offer a large selection of genres to pick from, including vintage, classics, fantasy, romance, drama, for young readers, self-help, and DVDs. The store is warm and welcoming, and one can always search peacefully with no rush.

Learn more about Second Stories on the Website.

Give your books another home, and your next read is waiting

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