Student Picks: Top 5 Places to Study At Delaware Valley University

By Goddy Marc / Full360 Digital Producer

1. Feldman 211

The digital media room offers Mac desktops available for you use and is a great place for students who need a top quality machine to create any form of media, including editing videos, pictures and content for other classes. The room is available when classes are over. You can take a look on the door for a schedule of classes. It is ideal for media majors and the hub of the university’s media club.

2. Student Center Computer Lounge

This campus spot is a nice and comfy lounge with desktops available for use. Your could sit and work on one of the desktops to get your work done or relax on the sofa with your laptop. It’s located right above The Pub in the Student Center.

3. South Hall Computer Lounge

Located in the basement of south hall, a nice and convenient area for South residents to attain access to desktops they may need to get their work done. This area does get a little busy at times. If not a resident of South your school ID will work only until 11pm.

4. Berkowitz Hall Lounge

A peaceful quiet area where a student can find theirselves lost in their studies and most of the time by theirselves. Their is also a tv available for use. Students who are not a resident of Berkowitz only have access until 11 pm.

5. South Hall Lower Level

Last but not least, the lower level of South Hall is another great study destination. It offers a spacious area with a good view and many comfortable sofas and seats to choose from. The negative of the area is that you may not get any cell service. It is a housing building not too far from the dining hall.

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