2023 Graduate reflects on “Sweet Memories” with the Dance Team at DelVal

Jax Kramer / Full360 Guest Writer

As I prepare for graduation this week, so many memories of my time at DelVal keep flooding my thoughts.

It is going to be really hard to leave. As a Sustainable Agriculture Systems major, I am looking forward to my future career goals, but I’m also looking back on all of the things at DelVal that shaped my experience here. I was involved in many wonderful organizations like Chorale and many clubs where I met so many wonderful people.

Being on the DelVal Dance Team was one of the highlights at DelVal for me. 

The friendships that I formed on the DelVal Dance Team during my five years here reminds me of the closeness I had in high school with my color guard team in marching band. I felt like the team was my family away from home. We cared about each other, looked out for one another, we participated in a lot of school spirit activities, and we did things together outside of the team practices and performances.

My favorite was our annual Friendsgiving in November each year. We always performed at A-Day, and we participated in Relay for Life when we held this on campus my first few years here, before the pandemic. A favorite memory is performing each year during the Homecoming game at halftime. Being on the field was always a thrill.

During my first couple of years at DelVal, we had a Homecoming parade the night before the Homecoming football game, and our Dance Team always participated in that. It was such a great experience. In 2020, the team nominated me for Homecoming Court, and that was such a great day.

My Dance Team friends, from each year on the DelVal Dance Team – those that graduated before me, those graduating with me, and those we leave behind after graduation, will always hold a special place in my heart. They meant the world to me during my time at DelVal, and as I walk away from DelVal after graduation with so much gratitude, I know the memories we made together will last a lifetime. 

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