Offseason: A Look Into Del Val Wrestling

Cavan Kinne/ DelVal Full360 Digital Producer

Wrestling is one of the most challenging sports on the planet. Mentally, physically and emotionally. The work doesn’t stop, even when it’s offseason. Athletes spend months in the cold winter weather, training, sharpening and preparing their craft for the end of the season.

So, what do some of DelVal’s top wrestling talents look forward to in their offseason?

Ryan Arndt

Ryan Arndt is one of DelVal’s rising stars. According to He is 56-20 in his two years here at DelVal. He is also this year’s MAC Champion. So what is Ryan looking forward to the most this offseason? “I am looking forward to getting stronger and improving on the technical aspect of wrestling.”

With a record like Ryan has, you must think he doesn’t have a ton to work on, just has to maintain where he’s at, right? Not even close. For next season Ryan said he’s “looking to get stronger. Work on my footwork and speed.” Wrestling is constantly changing; opponents are constantly working. So this offseason is all business for Sophomore Ryan Arndt. He’ll always remember this season though, “My favorite memory was going out and winning the MAC tournament with all of my teammates behind me supporting me.”

Adam Coleman

Adam Coleman is another Sophomore rising star for DelVal’s men’s wrestling team. According to Adam has compiled a 38-33 total record at DelVal thus far. In terms of what he’s looking forward to this offseason, he doesn’t stray far from his teammate at all. “I’m looking forward to getting back to making money and returning to my home wrestling club to train when most aren’t.”

The grind never stops for these Aggie wrestlers; it’s no surprise that some of the best in the room are both looking forward to training even more. Yet it’s a never-ending cycle. You can always be better than you were today.

“I’m looking to improve my technique the most for next season. I truly believe I have the heart and everything else I need to be a good wrestle I just need to get better at wrestling itself, said Adam Coleman when asked what he was looking to improve upon for next season. This season was also one to remember for Coleman.

“My favorite memory this season was coming back down big against centenary, a team we lost to last season and winning by one point as a team.”

Austin WIlliams

Austin is one of DelVal’s Seniors. According to Austin is 65-41 on his career at Delval. Austin is focused in this season. “One thing I’m looking forward to this offseason is checking off one of my goals; for wrestling, I have always wanted to qualify for nationals and go to Cedar Rapids. This year I think I have a great opportunity to do so.” Austin is a staple of

Delval’s lineup and a 4-year veteran. He’s seen all the highs and lows of this program. His favorite memory from this season is one he will never forget.

“My favorite memory from this year was probably our first home match. The gym was filled, and the energy was so high, it was a close match that led to me getting the final win for the team.”

Although Austin is wrapping up his college days, he has high expectations for his teammates that will still be competing.

“Next year, I see the team doing really well. We have a lot of young guys on the roster with a high level of potential. I see them developing and being able to compete with the best teams on the schedule.”

The Aggies Men’s Wrestling team is making strides.Coach Andrew Taylor is bringing what was once a monumental wrestling program back to those standards. Both wrestlers highlighted that they believed the Aggies would be a top 25 program in the nation come the 23-24 season. It’s not just the MAC that should be worried. Something is brewing in Doylestown.

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