DelVal Student Athlete Launches Fitness Business

By Goddy Marc / Full360 Digital Producer

Student athlete Joshua (JoJo) Pierre has launched his own fitness business called “330 Fitness.”

The communications and media major, who plays for the men’s basketball team at Delaware Valley University, was inspired by the Bedstuy building in the Brooklyn neighborhood he grew up in. Pierre aims to help others get into shape, gain strength and inspire people to take their fitness seriously. 

While the Brooklyn, New York native recently started his business early last month, it was something he dreamed about for years. His business stemmed from his struggle with weight as a child.

 When asked what made him create 330 fitness, he said “being a chubby kid that got made fun of a lot in school for being chubby, it always bothered me a little bit.” He then went on to explain that even though he had jokes and responses back to the comments about his weight, he was still a bit insecure about how he looked. 

So from late middle school to high school, while participating in multiple sports such as football, baseball, and basketball, he began making an effort to workout on his own to make himself feel better. 

“Me getting in fitness can inspire the next person up that feels the same way I did…because it makes you feel good, just overall and I know everyone wants to feel good,” he said.

Pierre now shares fitness videos throughout instagram promoting 330 fitness, showing his journey and daily workouts, sometimes along with others. 

He has worked with a couple athletes at Delaware Valley University and is open to work with anyone who wants to get started. 

Pierre discussed what he thinks the future will look like for him and 330 fitness: “Five to 10 years I definitely think we are going to be global, changing a lot of people’s lives, impacting as many people as possible, and inspire people to help better themselves and their health.” 

Pierre has already begun impacting individuals. 

As a member of Delaware Valley University men’s basketball team, Jordan Gombs worked with Pierre. The training “helped me get out my comfort zone and pushed me to give my max effort and some.”

He also said that the workout relates to the areas he wants to focus on for his basketball career.  

Pierre plans to launch collaboration projects with other fitness influencers to bring a bigger audience to his platform.

His message to others reads: 

“Keep going. Whatever you are going through, this too shall pass and that goes for the good and the bad…You’re seen and you’re doing well and you’re ok, appreciate where you’re at” and as for 330 fitness “ let’s come workout, enjoy ourselves, get healthy and reach our goals.” 

To keep up with Joshua Pierre and 330 Fitness, you can follow him on instagram at “330.fitness_”.

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