Student Picks: 5 Top Food Spots in Doylestown

By Cavan Kinne/ Full360 Digital Producer

Doylestown is filled with restaurants, coffee shops, toy stores and much more. It’s a town of option for sure. Yet with so many options, it can be hard to make a choice, especially when it comes to going out to eat. To save you some time, I’ve narrowed it down to what I consider some of best spots in Doylestown. In no particular order, the factors that went into compiling this list were price and quality — getting the best food for your dollar.

#1 Delizia Pizza

Delizia Pizza is located at 490 E. Butler Ave Unit Main, New Britain, Pa. next to Delaware Valley University’s campus. It’s a nice small traditional pizzeria that offers pizza, cheesesteaks, fries and wings.

With Pies between $11 and $16.50 depending on size, 20-piece wings for $17.95 and extra toppings for $2.50 each, this is definitely a spot worth checking out. For college students coming to Doylestown across the country, this feels like your hometown pizza shop. Friendly employees with the utmost respect for their craft.

You can Check out the menu here.

#2 Rakkii Ramen

Rakkii Ramen Is a hidden gem in the heart of Doylestown, located at 52 E. State St., Doylestown, Pa. Rakkii Ramen hosts a very modern look with polite servers and hosts. They offer a variety of things from noodles to desserts and tea. Very cool theme and even better food!

One thing that separates Rakki Ramen from other Japanese cuisine in the area are the tea choices. They have Hot tea, dirt tea, milk tea, bubble tea, iced tea and even slushies. Prices on tea range from $3.50-$8. On top of all the tea they offer a range of apps from edamame and gyoza. All apps range from $6-$12. Entrees include noodles and rice bowls; they even have chicken curry. Entrees here are very large so you’ll be more than full when it’s time to go. You can view their menu here.

#3 86 West

86 west is a self-described Sushi, raw bar, seafood and steak eatery; however, their menu goes way farther than those limitations. Located at 86 W State St, Doylestown Pa it is also located in the heart of Doylestown. Bottom line, 86 west has it all. Feeling tacos? You got it. Steak? No problem. Hand rolled sushi? Without a doubt.

The list goes on and on. They are a bit higher in the price category than others on this list, nonetheless every dollar is worth every bite at 86 West. Often you run into restaurants with huge menus. Some things are good, others not so much. What’s so impressive about 86 West, is that they manage their diverse menu very well. You rarely find a place where you can order sushi and mac and cheese bites, and they’re both delicious. You can view their menu or schedule a reservation today here.

#4 Nat’s Pizza

Another not so hidden gem of Doylestown. You can come across Nat’s while strolling down West State Street. More Specifically 138 W. State Street Doylestown, Pa.

Nat’s offers a variety of things from Pies, Cheesesteaks, Fries, traditional Italian entrees, cold hoagies, hot sandwiches, club sandwiches burgers, wings and much more.

Upon arriving at Nat’s, you’ll be greeted with a smile and an early 2000’s style pizzeria. Pricing is around the same as Delizia Pizza, however Nat’s menu is significantly bigger which can be viewed here.

#5 Ooka

Located at 110 Veterans Lane, Doylestown Pa, Ooka offers a variety of Japanese cuisine. Lunch and dinner options are always available as well as hibachi.

Ooka is a very local spot that offers A5 Wagyu from Japan. That’s a very rare steak to find in the U.S. They reached this list because of their ability to diversify themselves in their community. There are dishes at Ooka you simply can’t get anywhere else. It also features an absolutely beautiful interior that stands out from other Japanese restaurants not only in this area but across the country. If you are looking to try it out without spending too much, head over for lunch and try their Bento boxes, which offer a generous amount of food, including a soup and salad, for under $16. There is very generous pricing on everything on all menus and the service is top tier. You can view their menu or schedule a reservation here.

Honorable Mention: Soulmates Cooking

Not Everyone has the time to eat out. Everyone has responsibilities, bills to pay and lives to live. So, for those of you that may find yourself at home cooking the same few things night after night or simply short on time to go out and enjoy a quality meal, Soulmates cooking is an opportunity to escape that reality.

Tom and Chris Iatesta are Bucks County locals and are quickly gaining recognition for their recipes and social media content. They recently launched their first cookbook which will be available for purchase soon.

The eBook will be available for just $14.99. Free recipes are currently being posted on their social media accounts which can be found here.

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