10 spots to eat for under $10

Top 10 Spots in Doylestown for Under $10

By: Maria Viola & Sabrina Workman

It can be hard for college students to find good food for a good price. Luckily, Doylestown is full of great cafes and restaurants. Sabrina Workman and I took it upon ourselves to go around town and find some delicious food for under $10.

No need to break the bank—we’ve found some great options that are both tasty and affordable.

1. Jules Thin Crust Pizza

Slice of Pizza $4.25 | Bruschetta Pizza 

Slice of Pizza $4.25 | Edamame Pizza

Review: Located on 78 S Main St, in Doylestown, Jules Thin Crust Pizza is one of my favorite pizza places in town. I love the thin crust, unique ingredients, and how everything is locally sourced and organic. My go to place for either dinner or lunch. Whenever I want a quick bite to eat—I always go to Jules.

2. Empanada Mama

Cheesesteak Empanada | $3.75 

Chipotle Aioli | $0.50

Review: Very good. Very flakey crust, warm and delicious. Empanada Mama, located at 21 Donaldson St, in Doylestown, has the best empanadas in town by far. A wonderful lunch, or even dinner. Not to mention the delicious sauce that came with it.

3. Le Macron French Pastries

Hazelnut Chocolate Latte | $6.75

Pistachio Macron | $2.10

Review: Le Macron French Pastries, located at 4 W Oakland Ave in Doylestown is one of the absolute best places in town! A wonderful, amazing desert. I got the Hazelnut Chocolate Latte & Pistachio Macron and loved every bite of it. Anything you order at Le Macron is sure to be great!

4. Native Cafe

Ginger Peach Loose Lead Tea | $3.00

Pecan Blondie | $3.00

Review: Native Cafe, located at 12 S Main St. in Doylestown, has absolutely delicious food and beverages! The blondie was super flavorful. I loved the nuttiness of the pecans. It cut through the sweetness of the blondie itself. The ginger peach tea was the perfect drink to wash it down with. It was smooth and brewed to perfection. A wonderful breakfast that I highly recommend. Not to mention that interior of this café is adorable.

5.  Villa Capri

Capri Bruschetta | $7.00

Review: Villa Capri, located at 51 W Court St. Doylestown is a great spot for a lovely lunch or dinner. I ate every bite of this wonderful bruschetta. The tomatoes were fresh, and I especially enjoyed the fragrant pop of the basil oil on top.

As someone who has grown up in an Italian family, I would recommend Villa Capri.

6. The Hattery Stove & Still

Hot Chips | $6.00

Review: The historic Hattery Stove & Still, located at 18 W State St. in Doylestown is a wonderful restaurant that has good food and a great atmosphere. The Hot Chips were wonderful. I loved the cheese sauce on top of their homemade chips. It was a warm, delicious light meal or appetizer. Not to mention the amount of history The Hattery’s building holds. If you’re ever there, make sure to read the history of the building on their menu!

7. Nonno’s Italian Coffee Parlor

Slice of Chocolate Hazelnut Cake | $7.00

Review: Nonno’s Cafe, located on 6 E State St. in Doylestown, is the home of this wonderful dessert. This chocolate hazelnut cake hit the spot. Absolutely delicious. A rich, decadent dessert perfect for any chocolate lover. The nuttiness of the hazelnut crème was absolutely perfect. Paired with the silky chocolate, this was a wonderful dessert.

8. Penn Taproom

Nachos | $9.00

Review: Located at 80 W State St. in Doylestown, Penn Taproom has your classic pub food! The Nachos were good. I enjoyed the black olives on them. They put plenty of cheese on them. Overall, a nice appetizer, or small meal if you are looking to spend $10 or less at Penn Taproom.

9. Bagel Barrel

Pumpernickel Bagel & Chive Cream Cheese Spread | $5.50

Review: This Pumpernickel Bagel with Chive Cream Cheese can be found at Bagel Barrel, located at 60 W State St. in Doylestown. The barrel boasts a solid breakfast. I enjoyed the chive cream cheese. The pumpernickel bagel itself was a bit hard, but nonetheless had good flavor. If you are looking for a quick bite to eat in the morning, Bagel Barrel is a solid option.

10. Nat’s Pizza

Slice of Plain Pizza | $2.83

Small French Fries | $4.25 

Review: While a crucial staple in Doylestown, Nat’s located at 138 W State St., was a little below par. The pizza was greasy, and the crust was a little soggy. Although it was heated, it was cold. French fries were hot and crispy, as a good French Fry should be. The fries were firm and were delicious dipped in Ketchup. 

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