We asked for the top spots at DelVal. Here’s what students had to say.

We asked DelVal students where their go-to spots are on campus. We’ve compiled some of the most popular answers below. 

Jacob Berzowski, Class of 2023

“My favorite spot is the quad. Mainly just because of all the activities that we do, like volleyball club, A-Day, all those awesome organizations. It’s a really fun place to meet people and try new things!”

Olivia Harris, Class of 2023

“My favorite place on campus is Lake Archer because I like to watch the ducks.”

Kylie Hetrick, Class of 2023

 “My favorite place on campus is down by Lake Archer. It’s my favorite spot because it’s very relaxing and it’s a great place to think.”

Niy Jones, Class of 2023

“LSB– it’s made of glass and modernized.”

Yusuf Aladinov, Class of 2023 

“My favorite spot is the field and locker room on campus.  Being down there with my teammates and creating memories and spending time together is something I’m going to miss the most.”

Cassidy Amerman, ‘22 and Current Graduate Student 

“My favorite place on campus is probably the track of the football team. It’s my favorite spot because cheerleading was something new I tried on campus and I ended up really enjoying it. It was nice to see the campus get together and cheer on our aggies!”

Chase Anderson, Class of 2026

“Definitely gotta be at the gym.  Whenever I’m feeling down and having an off day I go to the gym.  It clears my head and helps with my mind a lot. I believe everyone should be in the gym and try to be the best version of yourself.”

Lundrim Nasufi, Class of 2024

“Definitely the cafe [Levin Dining Hall] because I get to sit down, eat and hang out with all my friends throughout the entire day.”

Katie Haas, Class of 2026

“My favorite spot on campus is probably A Lot- Parking Lot. I’m a commuter and that means I’m either just getting here to start the day or getting to go home.”

Hakeem Jones, Class of 2026

“Definitely the pub, it’s for sure got the best food on campus and that’s where I usually go for my food.”

Where’s your favorite spot on campus?! Let us know in the comments below!

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