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Election Day at DelVal

Election Day is finally here.

Delaware Valley University student reporters are on campus talking to students about the issues they care about in this pivotal election, where both the Governor’s seat and a U.S. Senate seat are up for grabs. Democrat Josh Shapiro faces Republican Doug Mastriano in the governor’s race, while the Senate contest is between Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz. Read and listen to what students had to say:

Polls are open on election day from 7 A.M. – 8 P.M.

What are students saying about the election?

“The issues I care about are mainly the environment and reducing pollution. I wouldn’t necessarily say the the election is more meaningful this year. We are voting to see who will represent us as a state when it comes to national issues. While that is important, it’s not any more meaningful than the past elections to elect local government officials.”

– Margaret Wood, Class of 2023

“Get the economy back to how it was, and gas prices CHEAPER! Also, would like to see the interest rates at a steadier rate in the future so I can get a loan for a new car or a house. Avoid a recession. Yes, I think this election is more meaningful because our country is facing a rough time and we need to get out of it.” 

– Thomas Fitzsimmons, Class of 2023

“Yes, I am [planning to vote today]. The issues I care most about [are] legalizing abortion, making that legal. Because women should have their own right to do whatever they want with their body [as well as] basically equality for black people. In some ways it is [a historical election], and some ways it’s not. To me, it’s just a regular election between republicans and democrats. This election, to me, this election is really about, like for the senate, the election to me is about either legalizing abortion or making it illegal, so it’s really not about anything else to me…”

-Justin Savage, Class of 2026

“I already did vote. I sent in a mail in. The pro-life pro-choice debate [is the biggest issue]. To be honest with you. And then, making sure that based on that, they also have similar attributes to other things I was focused on as well. [My major concern is] just making sure that the right candidate gets elective and that the outcomes of it benefit everybody. [My hopes are] for anything positive honestly, hopefully there’s not too many negative responses if somebody doesn’t get elective for a certain party.”

-Kathleen, Class of 2026

“I am planning to vote today. [I care] mostly abortion rights, you know the economy its not great recently. I don’t think that [if the election is historical] is something we can decide until after the election happens, that’s generally how I view things. [My major concerns are] once again, abortion and the economy. Well I hope at least PA will keep abortion rights in tact, and I hope that the economy gets better. “

-Joshua Messer, Class of 2025

“I already voted through mail in ballot. I care most about abortion rights and the preservation of women’s rights. I believe it’s a historical election because of the fact that there are several electees that believe that anyone with a uterus should not have any rights to abortion, which I strongly disagree with. I feel like we should have rights and we should have abortions if we need so, and it’s also something that directly impacts me. I hope that people will just realize that things need to stay good, and not bad…we just need to have that people are safe and we have the rights to things that keep them safe and we shouldn’t take it away.”

-Makenna Albright, Class of 2026

“The issues I care about most have to do with women’s rights, as I’m sure I align with a lot of people voting this year. I want the best possible candidates who allow for women to make their own choices about their bodies and what they can or can’t do with them.”

-Zaida Martin, Class of 2025

“I think this year is very different than past midterm elections. There are many factors at play that we are all considering. For me, I am most focused on the environment, reproductive rights, education funding, and simply equal human rights. There’s a lot on the line this year. If voting is all that we can do to push for change, I really think we should all vote this year. “

-Mia Pertschi, Class of 2023

“I’m really big into having politicians that support all people in all walks of life. For me that looks like voting for someone who will consider all incomes and abilities. This means a politician’s stance on things like taxes, healthcare, and someone who has held up these promises in the past. I’d say at this point in time abortion and second amendment rights are important but depend on what position we are talking about. Someone like the governor I’d like to align with their views. The senate is not as dire because they aren’t making decisions directly for the state but they should still be a good representation.”

-Casey Rotenberger, Class of 2023

“It’s really important to vote, especially in Pennsylvania with what’s going on, and I think women’s rights is the most important thing. Yes, go out today and vote!”

-Cole Kitchen, Class of 2023 (Left)

“Actually I’m not voting today because I’m from New Jersey, but I hope the election goes well and all women’s rights are protected.  Today is a big election day in Pennsylvania and we are hoping you guys do the right thing.”

– Lundrim Nasufi, Class of 2024

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