Masked Man Grabs Student on Campus

By: Victoria Dondero

Grace Wilson never expected to wake up to the email alert that came at 7:50 a.m. on Oct. 27, 2022

“It was a little scary. I was really confused too, I didn’t think something like this could happen on our campus,” said Grace Wilson, a DelVal sophomore.

Early this morning, a masked man grabbed a student who was walking past the Ulman gazebo, according to Delaware Valley University Public Safety.

The incident happened at 6 a.m., and the man was wearing “some type of Halloween mask.” After the victim screamed, the man escaped and was last seen on foot running between the twin housing buildings, Barness and Cooke.

Public safety officials are investigating the incident and searching for the man who they describe as approximately 5′ 6″ with a “medium build and dirty blond hair.” Central Bucks Regional Police will release more details on its Crimewatch site.

Walking through campus, hours later, students were shaken by the events that occurred this morning. Here is what some students had to say:

One student who was walking back to his dorm after class this morning said, “I just heard that there was screaming….. I think it was unfortunate, to be honest, I kind of heard another thing that he was naked so that kind of like scared me a little bit. Yeah, I just want everyone to be safe. I need people to stop doing weird things around here. Joshua Pierre ‘23

Another pair of students weighed in as they made their way to class:

“I definitely got a little creeped out and nervous, it was like 6 a.m., and I have to leave the dorm around 7:50, so it was cutting it close on a time zone. I was a little bit scared to go to my class.” 

“I made sure she [Janeliz Colon] texted me when she got to her class this morning, I was like need to text me because we didn’t even know what was going on, like we had just got the email, we hadn’t heard anything else about it and we didn’t know if anyone was still out there, so it was a little scary. ” Alyson Bardy ‘26 said.

While walking back to her dorm we asked a student what they hope to come out of this event.

“Awareness, I know this door here [referring to Cooke Hall] if you don’t close it all the way shut, it doesn’t lock, it will just kind of prop open, so it’s kind of scary. For people to just be aware of your surrounds and for other people to just not be weird, mean and scary. You know, that’s scary and I don’t want that to happen to anybody. Grace Wilson 25′ said.

If you have any information reach out to Delaware Valley University Public Safety. (215)-489-4444 or