Leyla Danis: How she went from DelVal Student to Social Media Coordinator

By: Maria Viola

From a Media and Communication student to copywriter and social media coordinator, Leyla Danis is working in a job that she truly enjoys. 

Formerly a DelVal student, Danis graduated in 2021 and now works in the Marketing and Communication department here at DelVal. Originally interning for the department, upon graduating, she received a phone call from her former boss.

 “I got a message from my previous boss saying that they had an open position. They encouraged me to apply since they knew me and were familiar with my work.” 

When asked about what a typical day on the job looks like, Danis replied,

“A typical day would look like using Canva (a social media graphic designing platform), video editing, blog writing, taking care of social media requests, live coverage of events on social media, and being responsive on our accounts. I manage eight accounts including TikTok, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for both the main university and the alumni channels as well. I’m always looking for content ideas.”

Danis describes how going from a student intern to employee there, “it isn’t much of a difference.” She talks about how her internship prepared her for what work life and culture would be like. Danis also loves being able to continue seeing the many accomplishments of current DelVal students.

Leyla Danis: the person behind DelVal’s social medias.

In the world of digital media, there are always new things to cover. Danis always makes sure to cover any type of event happening on campus. Whether it’s a fun barbeque fundraising event, or spotlighting students who are in the E360 program, Danis works hard to capture them all. 

When posting to the various social media accounts, Danis always keeps her followers in mind. When asked about what type of content followers like the best, she replied,

“I would say posting student accomplishments, and video content. When we approach an event through video in a different way, I think they latch onto that. When students become very successful in a job that they studied for, it gets the most engagement. Our community is a positive environment, so a lot of people will congratulate them in the comments and people are happy to see student success.” 

“Collaboration posts also perform well because audiences from both channels can see and engage with the content. To make a collaboration post, you would need to click tag and invite a collaborator, but the other person needs to accept the invite before the content is live. “

Danis clearly has a passion for what she does. When asked for any social media tips to share, she mentioned, “utilizing the current trends.”

She talks about how it’s important to incorporate trends into your daily content where it’s relevant. She gives a TikTok example, describing how if there is a popular sound, try and make it relevant to whatever organization you are posting for.

Next time you see a post from Delaware Valley University pop up on your feed, you can now think about the process—and person—behind these posts.

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