Making the Most of Your E360 Experience

Written by: Keyan Gregoire-James

What is E360?
One of the many things that Delaware Valley University is known for is its Experience360 experiential learning program, also known as E360. This program gives students the opportunity to gain real life experience in the field that they are interested in.

My experience with E360 

I decided to do my E360 experience with DelVal’s English department and I worked as one of the social media managers for the Instagram and Facebook pages. I worked with another social media manager to come up with post ideas and we would plan out each week and month.  One of the cool things that we did was work with the English department’s Writing Center to highlight their tutors and the work that they do. At the end of the semester, we let the Writing Center tutors take control of the Instagram page and they had a live tutoring session. The live tutoring session was very successful and in fact, the collaboration with the Writing Center increased the engagement and following on the Instagram page.

Capitalizing on your E360 experience

Once you are done with your E360 activity, what should you do next? For one, it is time to use all the skills and information that you learned in your E360 experience to find a new opportunity in an area that interests you. Be sure to also add your internship experience to your resume. Another good piece of advice is to keep in touch with your site supervisor because they might recommend you to someone in their network for a job opportunity in the field that you are interested in. For example, my site supervisor recommended me to Dr. Wil Turner to become the next social media manager for The Gleaner. Dr. Turner is a professor in the English department who serves as the advisor to The Gleaner, which is DelVal’s literary magazine. The transition between running the social media pages of the English department to running the social media pages for The Gleaner was easy for me. I used the skills that I learned from my internship and applied them to my new position as The Gleaner‘s social media manager.

A sample of some of the posts I created during my E360 internship.

Advice From the E360 department

Emmaline Armstrong is an Experience360 advisor and has been working in that role for about three years. Armstrong gives out great advice to new students who are about to begin their E360 experience.

“The best advice that I probably give to every student is to take it one step at a time,” she said. “There are a lot of steps and at first it could be daunting, but just taking the first step of looking at the requirements that you need to complete or maybe setting an appointment with the E360 team so we could chat through your requirements.” 

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