Behind the Posts: Leyla Danis

Do you ever wonder who is behind the Delaware Valley University social media posts? That would be Leyla Danis, a 2021 DelVal graduate! Danis majored in media and communication and is now the social media coordinator and copywriter for the marketing and communications department (Marcomm) at DelVal.

Danis’ main job is to manage seven social media pages on behalf of DelVal. From TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, she does it all! She creates the content, schedules posts, and create different captions for social media.

Danis began this role in July 2021 after completing an internship with the marketing and communication department during her time as an undergrad at DelVal. Her internship was a good introduction to the department and prepared her for her current job.  

“I learned a lot from my manager in that internship. Her name is Annmarie Ely and she definitely prepared me with how to speak on behalf of the university using our brand voice,” said Danis.

After she completed her internship and graduated, a job opening was posted for social media coordinator and copywriter in the marketing and communications department. Danis jumped at the opportunity to apply for the position.

“I just really liked working with the people at Marcomm and the position was open and I kind of knew what it would entail based off what I did in my internship,” said Leyla when reflecting on why she decided to apply for the position.

Danis also loved the idea of getting to work in social media. To Danis, social media allows her to combine all of her skills. Her favorite part of the job is getting to create different types of content for the different social pages. From photography to writing to videos, the creativity in social media is endless. In addition to creativity, Danis also brings a unique perspective to the different social media pages at DelVal.

“She brings us as close to the student perspective as we can get and I think that it’s a really sensible balance in our department,” said Kelly Hydock, director of marketing communications at DelVal. Hydock also added that she also is able to connect with the students because of how well she knows the DelVal campus.

Hydock has only worked with Danis since July, but has already seen her impact on the marketing and communication team at DelVal, which is focused on creating content that users can engage with. According to Hydock, Danis has helped increase engagement on multiple platforms and there have been significant increases in followers, reposts, and shares on their pages.

“She’s been amazing at editing videos, making something of nothing or taking little bits and pieces of all these types of videos we have and kind of coming up with a polished finished product that our takes our entire team by surprise,” said Hydock.

Danis will continue to create different content in hopes of increasing engagement for the university. Even though she has only been in her position for a short amount of time, Danis is already making an impact on DelVal’s social media.

Written by: Emma Monismith

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