Student Spotlight: Sarah Young

Sarah Young


Recent graduate Sarah Young made quite the name for herself at Delaware Valley University. Some of you might know her as the Student Athletic Advisory Committee President, a soccer player, Amazon College Tour actress, Rambassador, and student worker for athletics. She graduated this past May with a bachelor’s degree in counseling psychology and plans to continue her education and eventually become a guidance counselor at an elementary school. 

While talking to Sarah, I learned that, like many students, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to major in right away. All she knew was that she wanted to work with people and learn how to help them. Sarah actually started at DelVal as a Biology major and hoped to eventually major in Physical Therapy. As her freshmen year went by, she found herself enjoying the mental aspect of science over the physical side of it. Sophomore year she officially changed her major to Counseling Psychology and fell in love with it. 

Sarah Young on the field

E360 Activity One

While COVID has thrown a notch in many students experiential learning plans, Sarah did not let that stop her. She has completed three Experience 360 Program activities in the span of four years. Her first activity took place at the YMCA in Doylestown as a summer camp counselor. “I was in charge of creating five days of eight-hour long schedules for children, ages seven to thirteen,” she said. “I oversaw the soccer camp in the mornings and then the afternoon sports. This experience helped me narrow down which age groups I hope to work with in the future.” 

E360 Activity Two 

Her second experience came from being a SAAC member (Student Athletic Advisory Committee). Sarah was involved in SAAC for three years, two of them she held the title of committee president.  Her leadership development for E360 was completed during her time as president.

“I am in charge of planning and executing events and meetings as well as being a voice and liaison between student-athletes and their representatives and the athletic staff,” said Sarah.

She also attended monthly meetings with all the presidents and advisors in the MAC conference. Sarah handed the title of SAAC President down to committee member, Sadie Strober, as the 2020-2021 academic year came to an end.  

E360 Activity Three

Sarah completed her final E360 activity as a volunteer for a graduate class at Delaware Valley University. In order to complete the activity, each week Sarah played the role of a client for a mock counseling session.

“I was given a background story and I had to pretend to be a fifteen-year-old girl with a variety of teenage problems,” said Sarah.

Some of the issues she had to portray were issues with racism, alcohol abuse, and bullying. Along with playing the role of the client, she was also required to give the students (counselors) in the class feedback on what they did well during the session and where they could improve. 

Post-College Plans

Sarah explained that she fully intends on attending graduate school in the future, but right now she is planning on taking a year off in order to save some money and take a much-needed break from school. She plans on branching out with one of her close friends where they will be moving to Raleigh, North Carolina, this summer. During this time, she plans to continue nannying in North Carolina and getting her mixologist license. She will be looking into her options for graduate school to help determine what she will do when her year break is over. Sarah explained that the E360 program has really helped her narrow down her interests in counseling psychology and is very excited for what the future will bring her in this field of work. 

E360 Requirements 

According to the Delaware Valley University website, Counseling Psychology majors must complete a total of three E360 academic credits in order to complete the program. Students are also required to complete a minimum of two activities from Group A and Group B. Sarah completed a career exploration experience, student research, and the leadership development program. 

Counseling Psychology at DelVal

DelVal prides itself for its interactive and personal classes, especially the counseling psychology program. In order to enhance education, the DelVal Psychology department teaches “in-depth training and practical, relevant skills” in order to prepare you for the future. You can also participate in mock counseling sessions, like Sarah did for one of her E360 activities, and participate in professional conferences like the Association for Women in Psychology, Pennsylvania Counseling Association, and the Association for Psychological Science. You will also be offered opportunities to conduct research that will be presented at the conferences. This research can be either independent or you can assist a faculty member in their studies. By the time your four years of studies at DelVal are completed, the Counseling Psychology department feels you will be 100 percent ready to take on the next step in becoming a certified psychologist. 

Written By: Sydney Paz

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