From One Transfer Student to Another: A 3-Step Checklist to the Experience 360 Program

I was about to enter my very first semester at Delaware Valley University, and my future at this school seemed almost too clear. After transferring from another four-year institution at the end of my first year of college, I was starting here as a sophomore. I felt prepared because my fall class schedule was created for me, I had already gotten in touch with my academic advisor, and my transfer coordinators worked hard to make me feel ready to start. I felt like I was set! Or, so I thought. Flash forward a semester and it was time to take on the intimidating task of choosing classes on my own and crossing my fingers that I was choosing the right ones. Looking through “My Progress” on the MyDelVal app hub, I shrugged and skipped over the Experience 360 Program section and requirements, hoping that if I ignored it long enough, it might go away. “A matter for another time,” I would reassure myself. 

Knowing what I know now, I am glad that I finally grasped a deep-enough understanding of DelVal’s E360 program to fully appreciate the incredible potential that it holds. However, being a transfer student, it took a long time and a ton of research to truly see the benefits in this program. 

Step 1: Start your E360 Research ASAP!

The first step is a crucial one. Do not wait to start your research about E360! I made this mistake, and it definitely caught up to me. There is an entire section of DelVal’s website dedicated to this program and it is filled with very useful information. The first tab that I would recommend visiting is the one labeled, “How does E360 work?” which gives a brief introduction to the program as a whole. 

You can also access information such as a list of E360 employers, activities, FAQ’s, and E360 requirements by major. Here, you can choose your specific major from the list, which brings you to a clear description of exactly which options you have in completing the activities. There will be different activities listed between Groups A and B, and for more information, click here. The sooner you have a basic understanding of E360 (because most likely, the school you transferred from did not offer or require the program), the sooner you can begin brainstorming the layout of your remaining years at DelVal.

Step 2: Register for a DelVal Experience Class!

The second step in the checklist is very easy to let slip by. Be sure to register for a DelVal Experience class as soon as possible! One of your E360 credits will be completed through taking the Introduction to Experiential Learning (EX-9900) course or DelVal Experience II (FY-9901). Since your first semester after transferring to DelVal is planned for you, it is typical to just stick with the courses in which you were registered. I was not initially registered for it, nor was I truly aware of this course requirement, so I waited to take it until my third year.  The course is far more helpful to take as a freshman or sophomore transfer, as opposed to as an upperclassmen, because the skills learned, such as resume building, are more helpful to know earlier. 

Step 3: Make sure to check your credits!

The final step in the checklist is to make sure you have enough credits for different options in the E360 program. In order to complete an Academic Career Exploration Experience, the requirement is that you must have a minimum of 27 credits completed, with at least 15 of those credits at DelVal. For an internship, you must have 45 credits, 15 of those credits completed at DelVal. While it is true that DelVal is known for their flexibility in accepting transfer credits, it’s very important to be aware of how many of your credits are from your previous school, and how many more you may need from DelVal to participate in these activities.

While transferring to a new school can be an overwhelming process, I strongly recommend following this 3-Step Checklist as soon as possible. Having more awareness about the E360 program will ensure a more enjoyable and smooth process during your remaining years at DelVal!

Written by: Meghan Smith

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