How Modern Beauty Standards are Affecting Women and Girls

While the rise of social media certainly has its positives, the downfalls can be quite grim. The standards of beauty for women are becoming harder and harder to achieve. Especially due to apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat which offers filters that can blur out your imperfections, or even slim down your nose or cheeks. When that is suddenly the new normal, naturally, people want to look like that on an everyday basis.

DVU Media Club green screen event transports students across the globe

The DVU Media Club transported students and staff members across the globe and beyond. People were floating in space, waddling with penguins in Antarctica and flying atop the back of a dinosaur. Even Ceasar the Ram and Dr. Benjamin Rusiloski made an appearance, findings themselves in the Safari just a few feet from zebras. This fun and unique photo experience was a hit, and the DelVal Media Club expects to host more events like this one. To be part of the club, which explores visuals, audio and written media, reach out to

Leyla Danis: How she went from DelVal Student to Social Media Coordinator

By: Maria Viola From a Media and Communication student to copywriter and social media coordinator, Leyla Danis is working in a job that she truly enjoys.  Formerly a DelVal student, Danis graduated in 2021 and now works in the Marketing and Communication department here at DelVal. Originally interning for the department, upon graduating, she receivedContinue reading “Leyla Danis: How she went from DelVal Student to Social Media Coordinator”