DelVal student launches real-estate business, sprouting from quarantine reading during Covid

By Goddy Marc / Full360 Digital Producer

Schools shut down.

Businesses shut down.

Everyday routines shut down, as many faced getting up every day without being able to leave home, facing boredom each day that went on for weeks, then months. Like others, this was the typical everyday life during COVID, a depressing and frustrating time that seemed to have no end.

But for a 20-year-old student with nothing but time on his hands, life changed for the better. With so much time on his hands, he started reading about real-estate, and eventually set out to start his own business.

Fast forward three years. Meet 23-year-old Bayonne-New Jersey-native Ewens Lizima. Lizima is a student and college basketball player at Delaware Valley University and now owns his own real estate company called EA Global Properties LLC. He sold about 40 homes, flipping five through wholesale, and now owns 4 rentals. Ewens and his team look to buy and invest into residential, rental, and commercial properties. But what got him here was the endless time on his hands and the books he read during his time in quarantine.

“During the pandemic the world literally stopped and I had nothing else to do so I started reading books and my mother was buying a house at the time so that led me to get into real estate” said Lizima, who transferred from Bloomfield College.

Lizima immediately invested into real estate, flipping houses and wholesaling properties with the money he had saved up. From that moment, that was the start to a big part of his future, which plays a busy role in his everyday life as a student athlete.

“Wake up at 8:30, get on a call with my team,” said Lizima. “I could be on the computer from nine to five or I could be out looking at properties all day.”    

This is Lizimas everyday routine now. Lizima and his team of seven, wake in the morning and hop on a call together to send out texts, home calls, follow up on interested sellers, while building strategies. 

Former teammate Tony Godwins reflected on the changes he saw in Lizima:

“Ewens he came along way. From before the height of covid to after he became a different man, found a new purpose in his life and built a gateway for us to do business together and grow successfully.”

The future holds a lot for Lizima. That 20-year-old kid who was stuck reading books with nothing to do during the pandemic is now a senior in college and set to graduate this month with a bachelors in Business Administration. As far as the future of Ea Global Properties LLC, Lizima plans to expand his business even more and buy properties around the country.

For more information on EA Global LLC and Ewen’s real estate business you can follow his business instagram page @eaglobalproperties.

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