How DelVal Students Can Get Involved in SAAC’s D3 Week

By: Gillian Baker / Full360 Digital Producer

The Student Athletic Advisory Committee, or SAAC, is a club on campus composed of around 50 student athletes. A part of the organization’s success has been from the numerous events they host, including their participation in NCAA’s National D3 Week. Here’s some of the events and ways any DelVal student can get involved in the activities during the week.

This year’s D3 Week lasts from April 10 to April 16. Though the week is created to celebrate all Division III athletes, DelVal’s SAAC made it their mission to incorporate the entirety of the student body. Even outside of D3 week, students have been able to participate in many of SAAC’s events, like halftime contests at basketball games and a few social media events. Students participating in D3 Week activities show appreciation to all NCAA athletes, coaches, and staff while having fun at unique events.

Each day of the week 2-3 things will be happening:

  • A social media takeover from one of the teams 
  • One main event to lead the day
  • A second event following the first one

All events will have a time and location posted to inform students on Instagram and Twitter. Finalized schedules will be released at a later time. 

Following is a list of the events SAAC has planned to happen during the week. Senior president Chris Marren and vice president Matthew Miller compiled this list with the best intentions of students, athletes, staff, and charity. All events that require a fee will be giving 100% of the proceeds to charity.

  • Pie in the face (Charity event)
  • Trivia
  • Tailgate at a softball game (Faculty and Staff Appreciation)
  • Student Sports Challenges
  • Free T-shirts at a game
  • 3v3 Basketball Tournament
  • Kona Ice
  • Powderpuff Game (Charity event)
  • Clothing Drive (Charity event)

For SAAC, D3 Week this year is more than just a campaign. After not being able to execute it due to COVID-19 and not having a true D3 Week in 2022, they’re looking to make this the best one yet. Members and executives of SAAC recognize how important the community is to this school, and that is why it has become their goal to include everyone in their message and mission. 

To get involved in any of these events during the week, keep tabs on the SAAC social media pages to find out specifics. Additionally, follow updated alerts from these pages for other events outside of D3 Week that welcome the entire student body. 

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