50-plus Employers to attend 2023 Job and Internship Fair

Photo taken by Delaware alley University
By: Anthony Puntolillo / Full360 Digital Producer

Students and recent graduates seeking employment, an internship or job advice, pay attention.

In three weeks, you’ll have an ideal chance to launch your career.

Delaware Valley University is hosting a job and internship fair that is expected to attract more than 50 employers

Students can enjoy a day of networking at Delaware Valley University, discovering internship and career possibilities and building relationships with potential employers. Those attending will have the chance to demonstrate their abilities and experience at this occasion, as well as pick up insightful knowledge about their chosen field.

If you go:

What: Spring 2023 Career and Internship Fair

When: Tuesday, March 21, From 2:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Where: Delaware Valley University, Moumgius Auditroium

Why: Over 50 firms will be on hand to provide career and internship possibilties to all people and all majors.

The CSPD has started the “Ready for the Fair” series to help students enhance their resumes, get professional headshots, and take part in a career closet “sidewalk sale” in order to get ready for the fair. This series includes a variety of in-person and online events. The fair and the events leading up to it should be advertised to students by faculty and staff. To learn more, people can contact the CSPD through email at cspd@delval.edu or stop by the office, which is located on the first level of Segal Hall.

To promote the fair and the lead-up events, the CSPD has implemented the following digital workflow protocol:

1. Email Campaign: To let everyone know about the Spring 2023 Career and Internship Fair and the Preparing for the Fair series, the CSPD has issued an email to all students, faculty, and staff. The email is complete with all relevant details, such as the list of registered organizations and the date, time, and place. The email also encourages the recipients to visit the CSPD on the first floor of Segal Hall or email any questions they may have to cspd@delval.edu.

2. Social Media Promotion: The CSPD has also advertised the fair and the events leading up to it on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To get the attention of their fans, they posted posts with pertinent hashtags and eye-catching images. Links to the CSPD website and ExperienceLink’s “Events” section can be found in these posts.

3. ExperienceLink: The CSPD has utilized ExperienceLink, an online platform created to connect students with career and internship opportunities, to streamline the registration process for both students and companies. The CSPD has established a “Events” section on the site to provide details on the Prepare for the Fair series and the Spring 2023 Career and Internship Fair. With ExperienceLink, students can examine a list of the groups that have registered and sign up for the fair and its precursor events.

4. Promotion on the Internet: The CSPD has also advertised the fair and the events leading up to it on their website. For the fair, they have made a special page that includes all the pertinent details, such as the date, time, place, and list of registered organizations. A registration form for the fair and its prelude events is also included on the page.

For more information check out https://delval.edu/cspd

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