Leaving an E360 Legacy

If you’ve ever walked into the Center for Student Professional Development office (CSPD) or had any questions about the E360 experiential learning program, chances are you met Darrah Mugrauer. Darrah served as the director of the E360 program for Delaware Valley University for three years and is leaving a legacy here at DelVal as she moves on to a new opportunity.

Darrah started working with the E360 program in 2013 but was at DelVal since 2010. She has been here since the start of the E360 program and has really helped it become what it is today.

“I feel a little bit of ownership with it because I’ve worked in the program since it started,” said Darrah.

The E360 program helps students to gain experience before entering their respective fields after college. Darrah believes that the E360 program is so important because it allows students to reflect and talk about those experiences before deciding what they want to do. It also allows students to create connections within their field. 

As the E360 program director, Darrah got to work closely with students to see how experiential learning prepares students for after college.

“I got to work with students and hear all the things they have done. I think the nature of a lot of our majors at DelVal are very different from the experiences that I had as a student,” said Darrah reflecting on her favorite part of working on the E360 program.

When she first started at DelVal the E360 program wasn’t as well known on campus, but Darrah made it her goal to increase understanding around the program and teach students what experiential learning really is. Thanks to Darrah and her team, E360 was not only known on campus, but known on the national level as well. After working to develop the program, E360 was recognized nationally earning the National Society of Experimental Education’s Program of the Year award in 2019.

“The whole institution is committed to helping students get this hands-on experience,” added Darrah when talking about how the program earned the national award.

So, what’s next for Darrah? She will be working at The Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) as the Director of Initiatives for Higher Education. CAEL is a nonprofit that works to improve education-career pathways for adults. With this job, she will help experiential learning grow by working with campuses nationwide.

“I’m looking forward to that because I feel really strongly about how people’s experiences can help them be better in the workforce,” she said.

While DelVal is sad to see Darrah go, she has left a legacy of her own within the E360 program.

Darrah hopes that over her time at DelVal she has helped teach the campus a little bit more about experiential learning.

“I hope that I have made connections with people that have allowed them to step outside of their comfort zone,” she added.

Darrah has made a tremendous impact on the experiential learning program here at Delaware Valley University. From winning a national award with the program, to helping students and staff understand experiential learning, Darrah has accomplished so much in her 12 years at DelVal. We are sad to see her go, but excited for her new opportunity and continued mission to help others learn more about experiential learning.

Written by: Emma Monismith

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