Student Spotlight: Hailey Christman

When it comes to finding a silver lining, this senior Media and Communication major is one of the pros. After facing a career-ending injury and surgery on her hip, she was not cleared by medical professionals to join the women’s wrestling team. But she wasn’t going to let that stop her from being part of the team. Her love for photography and marketing and passion for women’s wrestling landed her an internship that still allowed her to be a part of the team without putting herself at risk for further injury.

Meet Hailey Rae Christman: Women’s Wrestling Media & Marketing Director.

After receiving the news that she would not be able to compete on the wrestling team, Hailey communicated with the coaches that she would still like to find a way to be a part of the team since it meant so much to her. They were able to discuss Hailey’s numerous strengths in the field of media and she got to work right away. Some of Hailey’s responsibilities as the Media and Marketing Director for the wrestling team include attending all practices, taking photos, creating video segments, and promoting events that the team will be hosting or attending.

“Another thing I do during a typical day is research to see how other DelVal sports teams advertise on their social media pages,” she said. “I want to see where we are compared to them and get ideas since this is my first time running a DelVal sports team social media page.”

That isn’t nearly all she has to juggle, however. Hailey is also a Resident Assistant in South Hall and a student in DelVal’s 4+1 program, meaning she is working toward getting a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in only five years (find out more about that here!).
On top of those, she’s also a member of the EBA Media club and the Vice President of DelVal’s FeelGood chapter. Hailey mentioned that her level of commitment, dedication, and determination to manage her time efficiently all contribute to her ability to handle doing so many extracurricular activities at once.

“I really enjoy what I do for my internship, and I know the positive impact it has on the team which is another reason why I can balance everything so well,” she said.

Hailey hopes to use this experience to get her foot in the door to work in marketing for clothing lines, as well as other companies someday. She will be finishing her undergraduate Media and Communication bachelor’s degree in the Spring of 2022 and officially graduating with her master’s degree in Management and Leadership Organization Skills in the Spring of 2023.

Written by: Brynn Miller

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