Blogging advice from “The Breakfast Club”

On Thursday, December 2, the Elements of Blogging I and II classes had their last full staff meeting of the year. This was a bittersweet time for all of the members because we knew it would be our last time in an official blogging class. Each student in the Elements of Blogging class II was an original founder and editor of the Full360 blog and have seen it grow since the very beginning with our ideas. We spent so much time together and worked so closely, we dubbed ourselves “The Breakfast Club”. This semester we saw the blog grow even more with our experience and ideas from the newest class of blogging students. In addition, each student in Elements of Blogging I creates and manages a personal blog with the topic of their choice. As we were all talking about the Full360 blog and just having a good time in our last class, Professor Katie Carnevale suggested that we go around and give some advice to future bloggers who will be taking Elements of Blogging in the upcoming semesters. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take some notes and write a blog about it. So here is some advice from the founding Full360 bloggers to future bloggers at Delaware Valley University!

Founding members of the Full360 blog., AKA “The Breakfast Club”.

One of the first things we talked about, which came from Brian Saglimben, is how you should be writing about what you’re passionate about. This makes writing so much easier and more fun for the blogger. Writing within boundaries, like we did for the Full360 blog, is always hard because there are only so many things you can write about one topic. But we all discussed how our personal blogs were really able to balance the topics out because we had themes outside of DelVal to write about, but also themes that would benefit our DelVal community that we enjoyed writing for as well.

Eric Hitch then brought up how it really helped him to plan ahead when writing blogs. Things can really pile up when you have deadlines and topics to write about and it can easily get overwhelming when you’re writing for the Full360 blog, but also your personal blog as well. He always thought that having those deadlines for class and planning ahead helped in order to not procrastinate.

The Elements of Blogging class worked hard to launch the Full360 blog during the spring 2021 semester.

Izzy Gisondi mentioned a similar point that helped her as well. She said that she likes to keep self-imposed deadlines when working on her blog posts. Whether it’s for the Full360 blog or her personal blog, she likes to plan out chunks of writing to do in order to space out the assignments and not overwhelm herself. I think this would be really helpful if you want to keep up with your own personal blog when over summer break and even after the blogging class is over. Just because you don’t have anyone giving you set deadlines for posts, doesn’t mean you can’t continue writing! You’ll just have to create some kind of calendar in order to keep up with posting on a regular basis.

Another thing we talked about today was how the Elements of Blogging classes aren’t just for media majors and can be beneficial for so many more majors and people. Hannah Seltzer was the one to bring this up and she mentioned that blogging and just refining your writing style can be so helpful for so many different people. This class allows you to reach out to people and make connections that you may have not made before and increase your chances of meeting new and interesting people. Hannah suggested that anyone take this class and really keep an open mind when writing the posts. We all couldn’t agree more!

Another piece of advice I would give to blog writers is to rely on your classmates! They are there for you and you should also be there for them when you’re all doing a project in class. Don’t be afraid to give ideas to them or offer a contact or connection to them because they will likely have ideas and contacts for you in return. I’ve never been in a class before where I relied this heavily on my classmates or got along with them this well.

Being in the Elements of Blogging class has been so rewarding and so much fun. I got to know so many great people and made amazing connections in the class as well as outside the class. I hope this list of advice helps! Happy blogging!

Written by: Miller Huertgen (Full360 founding student editor)

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